The Best Ways to Enjoy a Couple’s Massage in Krabi

February 24, 2020
Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

A couple’s massage is a great experience that lets two people share relaxing therapy massage together. It is commonly enjoyed by couples that are in a romantic relationship. However, it is not limited to lovers. In fact, aside from girlfriends and boyfriends or husbands and wives, friends and family also go to a couple’s massage.

When two people come in for a couple’s massage, they are usually led to two side-by-side massage beds with their own therapists. The therapists design their massage treatment in the same way so that the two clients share the same relaxing experience. Aside from therapy sessions, other spas offer other supplemental treatments. These include spending time in a steam shower, getting pedicures, or having facial therapies together.

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy a couple’s massage:

  • Enjoy a romantic couple’s massage with a lover

A couple’s massage is perfect for lovers who are in the early stages of their relationship. It is also an excellent way for long-term couples who want to rekindle the romance. Couple treatments are originally designed for lovers who want to share everything together. For couples who wish to have an intimate and romantic time together, resort spas offer extra services such as offering a bottle of Champagne or a basket of luxurious fruits and chocolates. Some packages offer candle-lit baths or heart-shaped towels with petals on the massage bed.

  • Aim a relaxing time with a partner through a rejuvenating massage

Quality time does not have to be defined by romance alone. Couples may opt to enjoy the simple joys of sharing moments together. It’s a comforting feeling for couples to relax with a therapeutic massage with the knowledge that their partner is beside them. For some people, it is a rather new experience to be entirely bare in a room with other people. However, this is a quite liberating and relaxing experience that is best shared with a special someone.

  • Enjoy self-care routines with a friend or family

A couple’s massage is not only meant for intimate partners. It is also a refreshing experience to share with a travel buddy, a long-time best friend, or even one’s mom or sister. On top of massage treatments, they may opt for other self-care routines, such as a facial, a foot spa, or a mani-pedi session. This is an excellent opportunity to bring two people together to relax, catch up, and overall have fun.


A couple’s massage is something that every person must try when on vacation. Try not to leave the city without enjoying the sweet escape that a couple’s massage offers.

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