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Krabi is a very relaxing place to visit and offers some of the most spectacular scenery inThailand including beautiful white sand beaches, amazing archipelagos rising from the turquoiseAndaman Sea, vertical limestone cliffs, thick jungles and waterfalls, to name a few. Stay atPeace Laguna Resort & Spa and explore numerous attractions inland and on the water duringyour visit. Below we have suggested a few of the amazing things to do in Krabi.

Ao Nang Beach

Peace Laguna Resort & Spa Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

Our resort is located only 10 minutes stroll to the southern end of Ao Nang Beach where youcan bring your family to relax on the sand and splash in the sea. The northern end of the beachis a launch pad for boats sailing to nearby islands and beaches such as Railay, Phra NangCave and Poda Island. Ao Nang is a great place to walk around to discover the souvenirsshops, restaurants and bars. The atmosphere is friendly and it only takes around 30 minutes towalk along the whole beachfront.

Nopparat Thara Beach

Peace Laguna Resort & Spa Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

To the north of Ao Nang is the 3km long white sand Nopparat Thara Beach which forms part ofthe Hat Nopparat Thara-Koh Phi Phi National Park. As with all of Krabi’s beaches there are nosun beds for rent to spoil the beautiful view. This is a favourite for locals to walk and bringfamilies to picnic and play. A stunning feature of this beach is the sand bank that is revealed atlow tide making it possible to walk along the sand to a small island.

Phi Phi Islands

Peace Laguna Resort & Spa Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

The world famous Phi Phi Islands is a spectacular archipelago in the Andaman Sea thatfeatured in the Hollywood movie The Beach. Despite the crowds of tourists on the main island,you will fall in love with the breathtaking beauty of Phi Phi with its gorgeous powder soft whitesand beaches surrounded by towering cliffs and lush jungles. While boats cannot land on MayaBay, the actual film location, it is amazing to witness the magnificent scenery, snorkel, dive andvisit the nearby lagoon and viking cave.


Peace Laguna Resort & Spa Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

Railay is a beautiful peninsula only accessible by boat, situated just 15 minutes from Ao Nangby long tail. Spend the day relaxing on the gorgeous beach towered by huge limestone cliffs orjoin the rock climbers who travel from all over the world test their skills on these stunninglimestone formations. Stroll around to discover the mangroves on the east side, walk to theviewpoint or chill with the Thai rasta village at the centre of the peninsula.

Poda Island

Peace Laguna Resort & Spa Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

Poda has everything you can dream of in a tropical island. It is covered in swaying palm andpine trees, surrounded by soft white sand, it’s not overcrowded and the nearby coral reef ishome a variety of sea life. So whether you want to snorkel, swim or relax on the sand this is theperfect place to do it. It takes about 25 minutes to reach Poda from Ao Nang by long tail boat.

Krabi Town

Peace Laguna Resort & Spa Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

For those looking to experience genuine Thai culture should take time to visit Krabi Town, thecommercial and transit hub of the province. The locals here go about their business as usual atthe local markets, on fishing boats and at the pier offering river taxis near and far. Head intotown on Friday, Saturday or Sunday night and experience the Weekend Night Market onMaharat Road, a great place to interact with the locals, try some of the street food and pick up afew bargain souvenirs.

Tiger Cave Temple

Peace Laguna Resort & Spa Peace Laguna Resort & Spa Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

Known locally as Wat Tham Sua, this Buddhist temple is a magnificent natural wonder, locatedinside a warren of caves around 20 kilometers from Peace Laguna Resort. Discover theBuddhist icons inside the caves and walk up to the top of the hill to be rewarded with aspectacular 360 degree view. The big attraction here is the ‘Buddha’s footprint’ on the terrace.

Krabi Hot Springs

Peace Laguna Resort & Spa Peace Laguna Resort & Spa Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

In the heart of a small jungle around 65 kilometres from our resort are two of Krabi’s finestnatural attractions, the Hot Springs and Emerald Pool. The hot springs are the perfect place toget away from it all and be with nature. As warm water from the hot spring cascades like awaterfall into the stream below it gathers in naturally formed Jacuzzi type bathtubs wherevisitors can bathe and feel the benefit of the mineral salts in this idyllic paradise setting.

Emerald Pool

Peace Laguna Resort & Spa Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

On the same site as Krabi Hot Springs in Thung Theao Forest Natural Park is the must-seeEmerald Pool. Take your time to enjoy a nature trek through the age-old forest home to rareflora and fauna before arriving at the stunning crystal pool. The emerald waters are warm andvery inviting with small ladders making it easy to enter the pool.