Holidays in Krabi 4 Reasons to Visit Ao Nang

January 3, 2020
Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

Filled with restaurants, bars, and stores, Ao Nang has presented itself to be the center of tourism in Krabi. Whether you’re planning to stay at Ao Nang, Krabi, as a hub to travel to other spots in the place or want to see what the area has to offer, here are four reasons you should visit Ao Nang.

1. Beautiful Views

If you’re looking for a relaxing experience that feels as if you’re away from all the bustling the town has, venues, such as the Avani Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort, can do that for you. In some resorts, rooftop bars are available for you to enjoy your time. Up there, you can sip on your favorite drink while you look over the beautiful town of Ao Nang. Even if you’re not too far from the town, you’ll feel as if you’re surrounded only by nature that is relaxing and calm.

2. Amazing Food

From western delicacies to local dishes, Ao Nang has all the food that you’ll ever need. If you’re craving something like steak, Ao Nang has got you covered. Head to restaurants, such as Diver’s Inn Steak House, where they offer amazing steaks (not to mention they come in quite a portion). Of course, if you want something a bit more local, restaurants like those are everywhere. Any local restaurant you go to, really, will offer amazing Thai dishes that will surely spice up your evening.

The street markets in Ao Nang also offer some exceptional food items for an extremely affordable price. One of the best markets you can go to is the Klong Haeng Walking Street Market, which is open on Wednesdays. There, you’ll find plenty of fantastic food, not to mention several other items you can buy.

3. Close to Surrounding Islands

One of the biggest reasons people tend to go to Ao Nang is because they use it as a hub to get around other neighboring islands. You can plan your entire vacation at Ao Nang, dividing a day or two to other islands to spend time relaxing and enjoying activities.

You won’t be disappointed by the islands either. You’ll get to enjoy the soft sands and the beautiful sea, perfect for all kinds of occasions. If you want to take your adventure to the next level, you can find some places to go snorkeling and do a myriad of other activities.

4. Relaxing Massages

One of the things Thailand is best known for is the massage it offers. In Ao Nang, you can experience the very best Thai massage. One of the recommended places you can visit is the Massage Corner. Imagine being surrounded by beautiful nature while having a fantastic massage experience. Now, that’s an experience and memory that you will never, ever forget!

Ao Nang is truly an incredible place in Krabi. Not only are the surrounding islands, such as the Phi Phi Islands, amazing to visit from Ao Nang, but the town itself is a gem, as well. From beautiful vistas to amazing activities, Ao Nang is a place you need to visit when you go to Thailand.

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