A Newbie Traveller_s Guide to Kayaking Around Krabi

March 18, 2020
Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

Whether it’s by foot, by car, or by boat, there’s no denying the fact that the natural beauty of Krabi can be explored in a wide variety of ways that each have their own unique and amazing experiences.

While it may be safe to say that each mode of transportation helps provide a unique experience with exploring Krabi, there’s one particular option that stands out most compared to the rest: kayaking.

Why kayaking is one of the most desirable ways to go around Krabi

Seeing that the province of Krabi is surrounded by the finest examples of the Andaman Sea’s turquoise waters, travelling it in the most immersive way possible in a kayak is an absolute no-brainer of a possible option.

By closing the distance between yourself and sea and making it far easier to explore vast aquamarine aquatic landscapes, kayaking provider prime experiences of the province’s own great natural beauty. Aside from providing the most breathtaking experience of gliding through the Andaman’s still waters, however, kayaking is also a highly-environmentally-aware way to take a tour through the province’s finest natural landscapes.

Throughout the course of a kayaking tour around Krabi, explorers will be treated with an otherworldly level of stillness and relaxation they go through the slow and silent experiences while staying on the kaya itself. Thanks to the sturdy, lightweight, and engine-free nature that kayaks have, travellers can experience and pass through various mangrove forests, canyons, caves, and coastal ecosystems.

Oh the places you’ll go (in a kayak around Krabi)

Generally speaking, there are a wide range of locations all over Krabi’s territory that you can explore with a scenic and silent experience on a quiet little kayak:

1. An Ao Luk experience

One of the most sought-after routes that first-time and experienced tourists alike seek when they come to Krabi and explore it by kayak is the famous Ao Luk scenic route. A standard scenic tour through the areas around Ao Luk cover Bor Thor (an area of ancient limestone caves), Ao Thalane (which is well-known for its mangrove and canyons), and Koh Hong. (which has a lagoon island)

2. Exploring the latest options

In the last few years, the Nai Sa and Sai Khao villages still maintain their neophyte route status to this day, but they’ve been proven to yield valuable experiences that keep travellers coming back for more.

3. The tour that you’ve been waiting for all this time

Commonly known as the most beautiful kayaking route in existence, Koh Garos continues to set itself apart as the world’s best thanks to its natural formations and undeniable beauty. With its limestone canyon, mangrove, and cave-packed cape, Koh Garos is guaranteed to show the very best of Krabi’s natural sights and sounds while keeping repeat visitors coming back for more.

Final words

It may not necessarily have the power of a speedboat or the convenience of a car, but a kayak can help anyone make the most out of their trip to the province and make it into the trip of a lifetime with unique experiences. Should you find yourself coming to Krabi sometime soon in search of a resort that can make your whole experience even more dreamlike, then there’s no need to worry because Peace Laguna Resort has got you covered! We’re a resort in Krabi, get in touch today to book your stay.