A Beginner is Guide to Thai Massages in Ao Nang

February 3, 2020
Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

If you’ve never had a Thai massage, make sure to do so the next time you visit the beautiful country of Thailand. They’re an enjoyable activity to do, especially if you’ve just been through a long day. Expert Thai masseuse will pamper you down thoroughly, from your foot to your back, ensuring that all your stress melts away from your body.

With that said, here’s what you need to know about Thai massage:

Traditional Massage

For beginners, and even long-time massage lovers, the traditional Thai massage might be a little too much. Traditional Thai massage practices have been scrapped for one reason: it can get too rough. From pulling your fingers to even stepping on your back, you might end up leaving with even more pain than when you have entered.

Fortunately, if you still want to experience such a massage, you can ask them to be gentle. You’ll know that you are enjoying a good massage when you find relief in your muscles, joints, and even emotions. When you leave the massage parlor feeling excellent and full of energy, you know that you’ve just had an excellent massage.

Foot Massage

You’ll find plenty of places that offer fantastic foot massages—beaches, salons, specialist shops, and even in the mall. Also known as reflexology, foot massage is believed to help heal specific sections of your body, depending on which part of the food is massaged. That’s right, massaging your foot can help improve your intestines!

When you go for a foot massage, your feet will be cleaned and soaked in warm water. When your feet are tender, the masseuse will moisturize your foot with oils and lotion, wrap one foot with a warm towel, and get to work on the other. Any pain you feel during the massage is believed to indicate that there’s something wrong in your body.

Whether you believe that or not, a foot massage is an enjoyable activity, especially after a day full of walking.

Beach Massage

While this isn’t precisely a massage that’s directed at a specific spot of your body, it is done on a particular location: the beach.

To spot a place to enjoy a good massage on the beach, look for masseuses that look like lovable aunties resting by the shade with mattresses and pillows ready to give you a rejuvenating Thai massage. Other than the massaging, you’ll also get to enjoy a pedicure. If you’re a girl, you’ll also get to enjoy a manicure and maybe get your hair braided.

Spa Massage

If you’re looking for a more top-quality massage experience, wanting yourself to be pampered down by the hands of an expert, head to a spa. There, you’ll get to enjoy a full luxurious treatment, and it is an experience that everyone should enjoy while they’re on vacation.

If you’re staying at a spa, you can use this opportunity to enjoy several days of treatment, turning your holiday into a life-enhancing activity. Of course, while the price might be higher than you’d like, the service and experience you enjoy here are well worth every dollar (or Thai Baht) you spend!

Bottom Line

Enjoying a Thai massage here in Thailand is just an activity that you cannot ignore. If you’re alone, treat yourself to a wonderful pampering to rejuvenate your body and mind. If you’re here with your loved one, enjoy a couple’s massage, not only reviving your souls but enhancing your relationship.

Whoever you are and whatever reason you might have, you can never go wrong with a Thai massage. It is an excellent way to get your body up and running for more fun during the holidays, and a great way to calm your body down and relax after a long day of adventure.

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