5 Ways to Take Stunning Beach Photos

March 23, 2020
Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

Beaches are brimming with photographic opportunities. With their picturesque beauty, interesting subjects, and fascinating patterns of light, you can be sure that there is always something exciting to shoot at these paradises.

Whether you are enjoying your family vacation, honeymoon, or quick getaway at the beach, you can preserve all your precious memories by taking amazing photos. Here are some tips on how you can take superb shots at the beach:

  • Always shoot RAW

While the beach is an excellent photoshoot location, taking photos at this place can also get challenging, especially because of its tricky light. Because of this, your camera is constantly trying to adjust exposure. To address this, always shoot in RAW format to fix exposure problems in post-processing.

  • Focus on a point of interest

Photos with skies, seas, and empty beaches are beautiful to look at, but they tend to get cliche, predictable, and unimpressive.

To add an exciting twist to your beach photos and make them more compelling, have a clearly defined focal point that gives your viewers a place for their eye to rest. This could be any subject as long as it is interesting and tells a story, such as a pattern in the sand, the waves crashing, a sunscreen lotion, and more.

  • Shoot during the golden hour

Timing and lighting are important when taking great beach photos. This is why it’s advisable to shoot during the golden hour, or the time shortly after sunrise or before sunset. During this moment, the sun covers the beach in warm, golden light, which gives your photos a magical effect and an interesting play of colors and shadows.

  • Protect your camera

The beach offers an enjoyable photoshoot experience, but it can be a harsh environment for your gear.

While you’re out shooting, always keep your camera safe at the beach. Make sure to take the necessary precautions to protect your camera lenses and sensors from dust and sand.

Don’t wipe the dust away to avoid causing tiny scratches on your lens or sensor. Instead, invest in an air blower, lens cloths, and a waterproof cover to keep pesky sand, dust, and debris off your gear.

  • Use a tripod

Use a tripod to take high-quality beach photos. Although this adds weight to your camera gear set, it’s effective in helping you shoot in various shutter speeds and maintain excellent photo quality.

One of the challenges in using a tripod at the beach is it’s easy to knock them off on sandy ground. To set up and stabilize your tripod, try to balance it with a rock, add some weight to it, or simply bury its legs a little in the sand.


Beaches are the perfect place to relax, unwind, and make precious memories with the people dearest to your heart. To make your holiday even more exciting and special, don’t miss your chance to capture breathtaking photographs by the beach.

When shooting beach photos, don’t be afraid to experiment. Be creative, and always look for the extraordinary in the typical.

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