4 Places in Krabi That You Can Visit Using a Bicycle

February 17, 2020
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If there is one thing people tend to overlook when visiting Krabi, it is that it offers a fantastic biking experience! If you want to explore more of what Krabi has to offer, we highly recommend that you do so on two wheels. Not only is it way easier, especially under the heat, but you can ride on in areas where motorbikes and cars can’t drive on.

Are you interested in a biking adventure in Krabi? Here are four places that you need to visit on a bike when traveling in Krabi:

1. Bike to Tup Prik

If you want to pair your biking adventure with stunning mountainous areas and rural settings, head over to Tup Prik. There, you’ll encounter rows of rubber and palm trees, all farmed by the locals to produce rubber and oil.

You can take a break when you reach Phanom Benja National Park. Here, you can enjoy a refreshing dip to conclude your biking adventure.

2. Ride to Ko Klang

If you don’t want to stray too far from Krabi Town, consider ferrying your way across the river to Ko Klang. There, you’ll begin at Tha-Lay Pier and ride through small villages, rivers, canals, and even mangrove forests. Take a gander at fields dotted with buffaloes and goats, as well as men and women going about their daily activities.

As for the terrain you’re going to ride on, don’t worry about it because they’re all paved, meaning that you can enjoy a smooth ride throughout. Do bear in mind, however, that you’ll want to dress appropriately and behave yourself, as you’ll be biking around the Thai Muslim community.

3. Cycle from Chao Fah Park to Thara Park

Bring your biking at Chao Fah Park, more specifically, right by the Krabi River, where you’ll encounter the night market. After exploring what they have to offer, bike towards Thara Park, where you can stare at trees lining the path.

Know that the ride isn’t that far, though it sounds like a far distance. This means that you won’t have to pant your way towards your intended destination and instead spend more time taking in the views of the market, temples, and others.

4. Peddle from Krabi to Phang Nga

If short-distanced biking isn’t your type of activity, and you’d rather go on a long-distance adventure, consider biking from Krabi to Phang Nga.

Totaling 70km, this adventure will bring you through stunning views of beautiful sandy beaches, captivating villages, and unique rural settings. At the end of your journey, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the beautiful Phang Nga Bay, filled with fantastic limestone karsts that’ll inevitably cause your jaw to hit the ground.

Wrapping up

Krabi offers plenty of biking opportunities to ensure that every single day of your vacation is filled with new and exciting experiences. If you don’t have a bike, don’t fret as it is easy to rent a bike and other necessary equipment, and if you don’t usually bike alone, you can also join tours. In doing so, you can share your excitement with other people, perhaps making new friends along the way. If you’re looking for a beach resort in Ao Nang, get in touch with us today to book your stay.