3 Reasons to Take a Spa Day in Your Visit to Ao Nang Thailand

March 29, 2020
Peace Laguna Resort & Spa

Home to a colorful selection of entertainment where urban delights meet with natural wonders, it’s no surprise that Ao Nang province is considered as the heart of tourism in Krabi, Thailand. It offers the best of both worlds as the island is less busy than the thrilling scenes in Phuket, but it doesn’t fall short in delivering its slice of tropical paradise to all kinds of tourists.

In between the hub of restaurants, bars, and stores, there are stunning beach towns, idyllic nature treks, and stunning landscapes abound. However, there are other activities in Ao Nang that are worth trying.

Beyond beach trips, island hopping, and chasing waterfalls, dedicating a day to indulge in a Thai spa is sure to offer a unique experience on its own. The reasons below explore why taking the time to pamper yourself in Ao Nang is a must!

1. Wellness Spas in Ao Nang Offer Impeccable Service and Technique

Different islands in Thailand, including Ao Nang province, is iconic for being a spa paradise. It’s a go-to choice for unwinding from head-to-toe as there are plenty of wellness options – from luxurious resorts to elaborate boutiques.

Seeing as they have a reputation for being one of the best in the industry, you can expect to unknot all the strains and toxicities in your body as their masseuse are undoubtedly trained with unparalleled skills and techniques.

Not to mention, combining traditional and modern spa technology elevates the whole spa treatment to the next level.

2. Wellness Spas in Ao Nang are Surrounded in a Relaxing and Stunning Environment

Whether it’s to enhance your health, discover Asian beauty secrets, or get a detox, Thailand takes in factors such as fragrance, music, decor, and nature into mind when creating the ultimate, relaxing experience.

In addition to unmatched aromatherapy and head-tingling music, you’re surrounded by scenic views of vibrant, forest-covered landscapes, bungalows, swooshing palm trees, and glimpses of sparkling lakes at every turn. The view alone is enough to relieve tension long before the masseuse works their magic on you.

3. Wellness Spas in Ao Nang Offer a Variety of Options

Different people have unique ways to embrace relaxation, and fortunately, the wellness spas in Ao Nang can offer a wealth of options. From hot stones, essential oils, classic shiatsu, and a wide range of massage techniques, you won’t run out of options when selecting the best treatment for your pampering session in Ao Nang.

Conclusion: Indulging in a Spa Experience in Ao Nang is a Must in Your Itinerary

The Ao Nang province offers postcard-perfect views at every turn – from karst formations, stunning beaches, and colorful markets. In between your exploration of the vibrant part of Krabi, spending an afternoon indulging in Ao Nang’s wellness spa offers a real gem of an experience.

With reputable spa techniques and unprecedented views, you’re sure to experience one of the best massages in all of Thailand. If you’re looking for a beach resort in Ao Nang, get in touch with us today to book your stay.